Mindset guide us to where we want!

I start to realize that how important our mindset will guide us in our life direction. I would like to share with you all and wish you would enjoy this blog as well.

志不强者智不达。–墨子<<修身>> This Chinese sentence basically was telling us that when we don’t have strong willpower, wisdom will not arrive. I start thinking that now a day with technology, most of us don’t have the strong willpower to stop ourself enjoy our fun time with games, apps, social media, etc. Although we could use our phone for reading online books, we might choose to watch a movie instead; even we are trying to pay our bills with the mobile app, we might end up losing our mind and time into social media; when we suppose to go to sleep and let our body rest to keep a healthy body, our hand could just grab a phone and playing games all night long, etc. And yet, where is our willpower when all these bad habits are happening? When we have calculated, would you prefer to use your own brain to count? Most of us won’t. When you are in the store buying $29.82 products if you hand the cashier $45.32 (2 $20 bills + 1 $5 bill + 3 dimes + 2 cents), he/she might not know what to do and just give your $5.32 back right away, and use the machine to calculated and give you $10.18 change instead of your wish of getting $15.50 (1 $10 bill + $1 $5 bill + 2 quarters) back. Another example, if you paid a CPA of $60 to file your tax and need to give IRS $486.96 and State tax $211.64; another CPA that will charge you $300 to file tax and you’ve got a refund of $498.20 from IRS and $56.98 from State tax. Which CPA should you hire? You’ll be surprised that how many people will end up going to CPA that only cause $60 to file your tax. This little math brainstorm guides me to believe that when we keep our minds active instead of relying on others or tech, wisdom comes and guides us to a better life.

Most people now a day will have few credit cards, loans, and all types of debt. How many of us know what is the rates of each debt we owe? Do you realize that credit cards have cash-out rates and monthly charge interest rates and some other fees that will cause so much stress in life later on when we swipe our credit cards? For those who experience heavy debts situation in life, you might feel “I’m useless, I’m a loser, I’m a piece of shit…”, etc. If you are currently experiencing this type of emotion, STOP IT NOW! Also, anyone who said that to you, they should be cut out from your life as well. “We a not a dollar bill, how much we owe or own doesn’t define our value! We are human beings that have personality and other factors.”  —<<The road to Financial Freedom>>  You that we are human, we all made mistakes in the past. The important thing is how we act to create our future. People who told you this type of advice are the ones you should hang out with and learn from in your life when you aiming for a better future.

Someone once said that if you show me your friends, I’ll show you your future. This is a cause of mindset influence because we human beings are naturally influenced by our surroundings because that’s how our brain wire us. When you start reading books that are related to human brains, you’ll find out that human brains are still in the form of survival and will lead us with habits that will make us feel safe. By understanding how and why our brains work that way, it helps us to make decisions with the larger picture that will be more cause effective.

Personally, I prefer to study than hang out at social events because I absolve more wisdom in books. There’s a Chinese saying that there is the golden house within books, there are gouges people within books. When I request a schedule to meet up with people, I would not bother them if they told me they are busy and completely forgot me. I’m just simply not their level nor have anything they are interested to offer them. Such as the monkey king from <<Journey to the West>>, he only hangs out with other monkeys when he’s small and weak, and he starts to become the Ox demon’s god bother when he gains power, even earning respect from buddhas when he finishes the journey to the west and become a Buddha himself. I start cutting down a lot of social life and saving time to improve myself. I know I have a long way to go because just like an ice cube won’t start melting until reaches 32 degrees, but I’m super grateful and lucky to have those who walk by my side now and we will grow together! My deceased grandpa mentioned that each footprint needs a step, don’t rush! When people that who told me to take a shortcut, who encourage me to withdraw cash from credit cards to invest in their business, who said when I get better I’ll hate myself, I simply thanks them and removed them from my life. My goal is to move on and create a better life, as well as lift everyone up when it’s possible. And I’ve learned in my life that when people have a conflict mindset that we are not aiming the same direction, it’s better to be apart than stay together. Some might ask why not explain to them your way? I just respect their beliefs and am not interesting in changing people. Everyone has their choice, and their choice points to the direction of their life. Many of us learn how to read when we were a child, but most of us stop reading and self-improving when we start growing up. Will you start reading now if I tell you your life will start to become better and better every day when you cut down 2 hours of social media or gaming time to read instead? No need to answer here, answer yourself with action! Then you can come back and tell me if I’m right or wrong 😉

I’ve heard people asking “Why me?” when they face hardships in their life, and I use to be that way in the past as well. However, “Why me?” will take us nowhere and might lead us to depression. From now on, we should all start asking ourselves “How do I make this work?” and search around with sources we can use and plan to move on. These types of positive acts will guide us to a better life. There is a saying that all have budda within ourselves, we just need to awaken it. We all have the power within us, and we need the wisdom to use our power to lead us to a better life. God hears your wish your prayer, but how could God guide you to a better life when you don’t act? Someone told me a joke in the past, a guy’s boat broke and he fall into the sea. There was another boat pass by trying to help but he refuse because he believe god will help him; later on, another boat pass by offering him help. He still stubbornly refuses because he’s waiting for God to save him. Then he drowns and dies, arrives in heaven, he asks God why not save me? God answer, I already send two boats to save you, you refused. Darling, please remember, your choice, your act, matters!

My favorite true story is of Wang Yong Qing, the well-known rich man in Tai Wan. He starts rice selling business in the past, and personally free deliver the rice to the buyer’s house. When he arrived, he’ll ask kindly that how much rice their family consumes each day, do a little calculating in his head quietly that how many days for them to finish the rice they purchase. If the calculation is 30 days, on days 28 he will personally lift another bag of rice up to the buyer’s house on the 15th floor (no elevator during that time), knock on the door, and ask if they need it or not, if not he will take the rice back. Most of the time, those customers will be happy and grateful that he save them a trip with his amazing service of hard work. Then these customers become his recurring customers. He’s a salesman, a business leader, hard work man who shows respect and with an amazing great mindset that knows how to show up when people need him. I have high respect for him!

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