Valentine’s Day and gifts/DIY projects ideas

As a popular holiday for love birds & confession to our dream lover, how many of us know there’s a sad story behind Valentine’s day? Valentine was a man who was executed by Emperor Claudius on Feb. 14th in the 3rd century A.D. due to he again the ancient Romans’ law secretly marry young couples. As for people who thankful and memory him, they start to set up Feb. 14th as Valentine’s Day.


In the modern-day, Valentine’s day becomes a day of love. We celebrate with our love partner or confess to the one we like secretly and want to become their loved one. In China, men usually give roses to their dream lady & ladies usually give chocolate to their dream man. Someone even told me once that if you give the chocolate you made to your loved one, your love will last forever. This is always a myth to me since I’m not the cooking material & burned all my chocolate ~~~lol


Valentine’s Day could be really expanses or in your cost control depends on your choice. PS, that doesn’t mean not spending a dime on the day, it just means you can do some DIY ( Do it Yourself) projects to make your Valentine’s day even more meaningful with joy. Here are some ideas as following:


Paper cuts DIY project, simply get a scissor and some papers to create your deco to hang on the ceiling or tape on the wall. Really keep your cost low and still make a joyful holiday environment. I’ve created some PDF & DIY kits at Grace Yu Art Studio shop. Please check it out see if you would like to try them out 🙂


Also, due to COVID. Mask as high demand. If you would like to DIY your own Valentines’ mask, here’s a link for the DIY kits


Of course, if you would like your love note embroidery on a scroll, you can purchase it via


Or if you would like a custom portrait drawing hanging on the wall. You can order via


Last but not least, I’ve created some embroidery files for machine emborder.


Feel free to context me via if you need anything custom. I’ll be gladly working with you. If you enjoy DIY projects, you are invited to join my monthly membership via Patreon as the link in the following. We have different tiers, and please pick the one you enjoy the most. Any supports is greatly appreciated.


Happy holidays, stay safe & be happy!


Best regards,


Grace Yu



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