About Us

Welcome to my site! My name is Grace Yu, and my Chinese name is 余锦绣. I’m an Asian Artist (Chinese Artist) currently located in the metro Denver area. I’m Han ethnic nationality which is the main race of Chinese. I am originally from GuangZhou, China, and have been implanted in the States since 2006 to further my education in the field of arts. From crafting jewelry, to Chinese Calligraphy, and embroidery, or even designing fashion clothing, my passion comes with a particular interest for the many aspects of culture influence and intricate inner glass paintings. My goal for this art business is that use some of these income to help out with those who needs around me. Everyone has been though darkness in their life.Let’s give a hand to each other and guide them out! You can also follow my social media of Grace Yu Art Studio on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube channel for more info.