Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind, always!

I am the most lucky lady on earth! I am grateful that I am surrounded with amazing people.

Life hadn’t been easy for me, and some events had been pushed me over the limit and about to jump off the cliff. However, there’re great amounts of amazing people supporting me as much as they can. With their support, I start to seeking professional support and finding the lights in my life again, these people are the treasure of my life . Slowly, I found that most of these amazing people had been though some unspeakable hardships in their life as well. I was shock and feel even more grateful for them to share their stories, teaching me and giving me some amazing advice for how to deal with my situations. I personally don’t enjoy to share my traumatic experiences with others, and I don’t want to tell someone experience without their permission. However, there’s few comments that they’ve told me are really useful for life that I would share with you. Please feel FREE to mark them in your pocket notebook if it’s useful for you as well.

1. Grace, you need to take care of yourself first. Don’t service others when you yourself are not in good shape. True family and friends don’t push you to do favor during your hardship timeline.

2. Only help within your reach, and there’s no need to push over your limit to support others that will get yourself in trouble.

3. You’ve been through a lot, and I believe you have the strength to get though whatever you are dealing with now.

4. I believe in you, so you should too!

5. Don’t fight for depression, it’s going to get worse by focusing yourself act and annoy your emotions. We need to study the cause of our depression and anxiety, then learn the way to work around it.

6. Don’t rush, take a deep breath and focus on how your body feels. Using breathing techniques and feel if there’s any change on your body sensation. Keep your feet on the ground, and try to feel it root into the ground.

Last but not least, please be kind always! Don’t keep asking someone if they don’t want to tell, because your curiosity might be hurting them. When you ask once, and they don’t want to answer. Be respect!

Please feel free to comment below, share your thoughts and give any suggestions. It’s my pleasure to communicate with you.

If you enjoy the cultural influence and would like to support the Asian local artist over metro North Denver who wants to help more people, feel free to PayPal graceyu.artstudio@gmail.com as your donation.

Thanks for your support. Your support increases my motivation to create 🙂



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