Just a little portrait, just a little song~

I could be a warrior,

I could be a mess;

I could be a tear,

I could be a joke.

I could be a sunshine,

I could be a stom.

I could be anything

with the power on my own!

Hand me a sword,

and I will learn to be strong.

Drown me with stress,

with time I swim in the mess.

Tears are not my answer,

fright (faith) is my choice!

Joke is my mask,

and bring you joys as much as I can .

Sunshine is my outfit

and wish the lights will warm you up .

Stom within would train me

wear pains like nothing.

The world is full of sorrow,

and no need to cause more darkness ~

Please don’t do harmful actions nor small harm,

Please do goodness actions even just a tiny act,

Everything adding up as human race karma~

You are part of the cause!

Why create hell within heaven?

Let’s create heaven without hell!

Please feel free to comment below and give any suggestions. It’s my pleasure to communicate with you.

If you enjoy the cultural influence and would like to support the Asian local artist over metro North Denver who wants to help more people, feel free to PayPal graceyu.artstudio@gmail.com as your donation. Thanks for your support. Your support increases my motivation to create 🙂



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