One Step Each Time 一步一脚印

My grandpa always educated us that one step each time “一步一脚印”. It’s easy to say than do as always, and one step each time does contain high wisdom in life. 

Everyone in their life will somehow have been made some choice that led us to some stressful situation. By the time we realize our mistake and try to guide ourselves back to a better road, it takes time. Mentally, we would always want to get out of situations in shortcuts, and that might make us make even more mistakes on the road. Every time when we made decisions in hurry, we won’t have enough time to think through and get the best choice that would guide us to a nice outcome. That’s why the older always said think three times before act 三思行. So when we want to get out of some situation, don’t rush, just chill and layout every pro and con before we make any decision. Remember, every time you feel stress, take a deep breath, and tell yourself 3 times that one step each time “一步一脚印”.

When I become an adult, like most people that I focus on work and living, stop reading and self-education study. When I start again, I feel that I enjoy more and more reading and thinking alone. Knowledge-consuming had decreased my social life and increased lifestyle with thankful heart and joys, I found this not only help me grow but also bless me with wisdom to support some around me who needs it. Some people give up continue to be self-educated when they didn’t see the outcome in a short period of time. Do you know that ice cube won’t change any shape even at 31 degrees, and only start melting at 32 degrees. One step each time “一步一脚印”, someday we will reach our goal/destiny. 

There are many investors in today’s world, and people who plan to invest should do enough research before your invest.  <<Poor Charlie’s Almanack>> mentioned, any investment that you don’t know enough is gambling, not investing. Charlie Almanack has catalogized investment in 3 categories: could invest, I don’t know, and could not invest. I believe this should be all investment’s first step. Further steps we should come with our own wisdom plans because everybody has a different unique personality, belief, and habit. And I always remind myself one step a time “一步一脚印”.

Life is full of surprises. Those surprises might guide us in a different direction than our goal/destiny, and if we remind ourselves one step each time “一步一脚印” and layout our situation, we will be able to make the best choice for our future. Let’s say our goal is reading 2 chapter books per day, and your friend need help with their newborn, by spending your time, you might only be able to read a chapter that day. I will totally read one less chapter, save my time to support them. But I would not stop reading a chapter just to chat with someone who is bored and just wanna chat with me, unleast that person could bring me more value than the books I’m reading. There’s a Chinese saying that there is the golden house within books, there are gouges people within books. When I request a schedule to meet up with people, I would not bother them if they told me they are busy and completely forgot me. I’m just simply not their level nor have anything they are interested to offer them. Such as the monkey king from <<Journey to the West>>, he only hangs out with other monkeys when he’s small and weak, and he starts to become the Ox demon’s god bother when he gains power, even earning respect from buddhas when he finishes the journey to the west and become a Buddha himself. My wisdom is so limited that I am only able to help with a small amount. And I will step one step at a time to grow more wisdom so that I can support more who needs it. 

I believe in goodness and kindness, and a wise mentor told me that all goodness and kindness starts with ourselves. For those who are always hash to themselves, I want to tell you Darling, You Metter! Please start loving yourself first before being kind to others. We are human beings, not goods, not machines, we have the right to value ourselves. When someone does not match the value to support us reach our goal/destiny, don’t argue, just simply remove them from our life. Just like the wise mentor said, kindness and goodness start within ourselves. When we are not at the level to reach a wise mentor, books are the best mentors in life. Books have the knowledge from the authors learned, and when we read and start thinking about what could be useful for us in life, it transforms into our wisdom. Our wisdom will show up and give us lots of supports in life. The first step to moving on to better life is reading. A good life takes time to build, remember that One step each time “一步一脚印”.

Please feel free to comment below and give any suggestions. It’s my pleasure to communicate with you.

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