Please give yourself a smile a day!

Hi Dear,

Please give yourself a smile every day you wake up! Life is hard, always have many things go on and feel like many bares attacking our brain all the time. As a human being myself that I also deal with traumas and depression. Some will said I’m always positive and wondering why. The truth is, I’m not ~ everybody has their own path, so do I. However, this week when I’m opening my laptop start writing my blog, I feel like I would like to share some ways that are helping me, and wish they could be useful for you as well.

  1. It’s really funny that whenever I’m depressed or anixty, I forgot how to breathe until someone/ a voice repeatedly telling me to breathe in ~ breath out ~ So my 1st advice is to breathe. The most affect way for me will be breathing in 4 counts, breathing out in 6 counts, breathing in 4 counts, breathing out 6 counts, and breathing in as much as I can, hold until I can’t hold anymore, and breathing out.
  2. Focus on how your body feels when you’re over warm/overthinking, using the breathing technique above, and feel again to see if your body feeling has been changed. As self-experience, it calms me down and my sleepy angle will come hugs me.
  3. Get a small notebook, write down everything that will help you feel better, put it under your pillow and read it out loud every morning before you get out of bed. My notebook has the following note if you would like to use them, feel free to copy them.
    • I love myself unconditionally
    • I am strong
    • My mind is like water. I will change and adjust as needed
    • I am connected and comfortable in all environments, with all people
    • I only allow healthy and loving relationships into my life
    • I find and enjoy the simple pleasures life is offering me right now
    • I love myself and who I am
    • My challenges bring me better opportunities
    • I am in the process of becoming the best version of myself
    • I recognize my own self-worth
    • I have a plan of action to achieve my dreams
    • My goals are getting closer to completion every day
    • I can handle everything that comes my way
    • I am solution-oriented. All problems are solvable
    • I am in control of my thoughts and my life
    • I am in charge of how I feel, and today I am choosing happiness. And NOW Please give yourself a smile, and get up to start your amazing day 😉 In the beginning, I felt uncomfortable reading this out loud, but after a week, it starts to help me build up a little confidence, and since I continue reading this ~ Now I have enough confidence to connect people and back to social life when I need.
    • You are welcome to PayPal $29 to with your shipping address for this embroidery version pillow notebook.
  4. Put a sticky note “Give me a smile!” on your mirror, then smile to yourself and wash your face, brush your teeth
  5. Seeking professional therapy, and make sure they are a good match for you. You might have an emotional breakdown after therapy sometime. However, if every time you have an emotional breakdown after seeing that therapy it would be a sign that he/she is not a good match for you. Please go to and find another professional therapy to support you. Just a side note that we will be protected by law with anything we chat with our professional therapy, as well as they can give us professional support and suggestion. Unlike friends and family who will naturally connect with emotion that might not be helpful in our situation. Please also remember, if you tell someone your secret then don’t get mad when they leak out your info. How can you expect someone to keep that info when you yourself are not able to? Most of us learn this big lesson without realize. And now, I invited you to Think before Speak.
  6. Within your power, help or do a little good to light up others. Such as give a smile to a stranger, open a door for someone on the way, tell someone they are beautiful/handsome or something they wear looks good on them, etc. It will make you feel good when they smile or say thank you to you.
  7. For those who has mess up memory issues due to trauma, buy 10 packs sticky notes and put it everywhere with a pen. What ever you think about to do, write down on the sticky note and bring it with you until you finish, then trash it.
  8. Open a notebook and write down at least 5 good things you’ve achieved dately. It could be something simple like I made my bed, I make someone smile today, or I open a door for a stranger today, etc. Read them whenever you feel you are useless/stupid/horrible.

Above are all the ways that help and support me to get in better shape, hope they could be useful for you as well.

Please feel free to comment below and give any suggestions. It’s my pleasure to communicate with you.

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