Chinese folk art Paper Cutting 剪纸-中国民间艺术


Chinese paper-cutting is the simple magic of art. Paper-cutting Use scissors to cut the paper into various patterns, such as window decor, door decor, wall decor, ceiling decor, and lantern decor. Usually, it comes in handy during holidays and special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. It’s affordable, as well as increases the joys around people.


“Fortune comes” window decor
“Fortune comes” door decor spring for Chinese New Year
Double happiness for the wedding
“Together with joys for hundred years” & “double happiness” for wedding
8 gods come celebrate your birthday

In the art of paper-cutting in both North and South China, we can express the joys and sorrows of life through a pair of scissors and a piece of paper. As a carrier of traditional art, paper-cutting always uses exaggerated and deformed methods in its modeling. It is good at combining objects in different spaces and times and changes the nature and form of objects through exaggerated and deformed techniques. It’s arts on top of the customary standard of nature.


《采胜》诗写到:”剪采赠相亲,银钗缀凤真。叶逐金刀出,花随玉指新”。This is the poem from the Tang dynasty describe gouges, ladies, with amazing skills of nature paper-cutting such and flowers, birds, grass, bugs, etc. During the Song dynasty, paper-cutting become professional and there were scholars of paper-cutting. And then it influences become super popular culture during the Qing dynasty.


Because the tools and materials for paper-cutting are simple and popular, the techniques are easy to master, and have the irreplaceable characteristics of other art categories, this art form has almost spread throughout China towns and villages since ancient times, and has won the love and praise of the people.


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