Embroidery culture influences

Embroidery is one of China’s outstanding national traditional crafts to sewing color threads (silk, velvet, thread) with embroidery needles, embroider transport needles on fabrics (silk, cloth) with design patterns, and form the drawing patterns or characters.  In ancient times, it was is one of China’s outstanding national traditional crafts. Later, because embroidery is mostly made […]

舞狮 Lion dance

There’s so many different stories about how lion dance started. Here are some of the stories I’ve heard. Some people said that lion show up and start eating people once a year when winter is ending and spring is coming. When people get together and fright for survival, after many years they practice Kung Fu […]

中国新年,春节 Chinese New Year, Springs festival

Many people celebrate Chinese New Year, spring festival. But do you know why? Due to lack of knowledge and since in the past, lots of people die during winter because of the weather and food shortages. So when Spring arrive, the survival people will congrats each other, and later on become Springs Festival. About 4000 […]