Respect, a feeling of deep admiration for each other, is the most amazing way to receive admiration for our abilities, qualities, and achievements. Respecting elders is also an amazing ethical lesson every child learns in Asia. Now a day with the competitive human world, we start losing respect left and right. Funny fact that I found out, those powerful people always receive respect, and they all trust themselves and respect themselves no matter what. Those people always complain no one respects them, never stand up for the people who don’t respect them, then go home take it on their family or always complain to everyone around.

Someone once said, “if you show me your friends, I’ll show you your future.” And it totally makes a scene. Let’s say you’re going to a group event that is supposed to start at 6 pm, but nobody shows up until 8 pm. For those people who wait till 8 pm, and continue to attend this group event. I will tell you that you are having a really low standard of life and forgot to respect yourself! When you don’t respect your own time, why do others should? Let’s say if you lose your money, you can earn it back in the future. However, when you lose time, you are losing the percentage of your life that will never come back. What can you do for those times? Reading to gain more knowledge, doing a sport that keeps your body in shape, even sleeping to catch up on some rest, etc. Personally, I understand life happens, I’ll only wait a maximum of 1 hour if they inform me that they will be late for a good reason, because I don’t think it’s worth wasting my life on someone who just trying to feel imported and make me wait. I also will laugh at your face if you tell me that you want to come to my place for 15 minutes schedule without at least 24 hours prior notice. It doesn’t matter what I am doing and if I plan anything or not, it does matter that you don’t show your respect since you just think I should do you a favor without any consequence. I don’t think you’ll show up at Buffet Warrant or Bill Gate’s office for 15 minutes without a scheduled appointment. Please let me know if you are ever able to do that, then I might change my thought of respect. Please remember, if you don’t respect others, others won’t respect you either. If you don’t have self-respect, others won’t feel the necessity to respect you nither.

A lot of people currently dealing with depression and anxiety, some are caused by those around us. I’ll tell you “DARLING, YOU MATTER!”. Please remember we are only responsible to ourselves, and no one else. So stop letting them disrespect you and your mental health. No matter what type of relationship they are to you in life, if they don’t care about your mental health, they don’t worth staying in your life. You have a choice to kick them out and heal yourself. Most of the ladies will always prioritize family and partners before themselves, and yet we may not only lose our shine but also be trapped in horrible situations. Respect in Chinese is 尊重: 尊 is the way we reacted thou others and 重 means important/heavy. So when we don’t make ourselves important, how do you think others around us (including partner, parents, and kids) will react thou us? Darling, please start prioritizing yourself first, and you’ll see respect will come along on the way!

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