Destiny/Fate in Chinese is 命运 which break down into two parts. 命 means life, that we human beings can not change and be given by our mother at birth. 运 means luck, and luck is full of surprises in life that we could lead ourselves to different directions by choice. 

There is a Chinese anime <<Ne Zha>>2019 that Ne Zha was born as a demon child, and he never gave up on his parents and master, at the end, he becomes the hero and earns respect by fighting his own fate/destiny. There has ChinaDaily mentioned 9 Highline quotes that are so amazing from this anime: 1. The viewpoints of others are nonsense. It’s the truth my father taught me that who you are depending on what you say. 2. I will let people look at me with new eyes. Wait and see! 3. If you ask me whether people can change their own destiny, I will show you I don’t know. As far as I am concerned, do not believe in destiny, which is the fate of Ne Zha. 4. The prejudice in your mind is like a mountain, and no matter how hard you try, you can’t move it. 5. The one that shapes my destiny will always be myself rather than God. I have the final say of being a demon or immortal. 6. Maybe fate treats you unfairly. But never mind, just fight it till the end. 7. I will shoulder my own destiny, and by no means do I bring trouble to others. 8. Born as a demon, so what? 9. Chances to change your destiny in your life are few and far between. This anime surely shows how fate is unfair to Ne Zha, and yet he fights hard to earn his own luck and change his destiny in the end. Ne Zha is also an immortal god with many stories in Chinese myth. 

Talking about life, my best birthday gift is from my hero mom. She’s strong and lovey, always supportive. The most important thing is that best gift from her — my life, I’m still using it now a day. I’ve seen so many people’s life stories that give me a different feeling. I, always remember that my mom owes me nothing, and she supports me just because of my mother’s love, I am always grateful and will do my best to bring her joy in life. When people told me I am filial piety, I thanks them and still feel I have not done enough for my lovely mom. I’ve been through a lot in life, and I learned a lot of big lessons, gains a few amazing friendships and family relationships with luck. Although my mom always said that my luck is just caused by all the goodness I’ve done for others in life. I believe that’s only half true because, without my amazing mother, I won’t have a life to build up any good deeds. I wish more and more people will open their eyes and memory, remember the goods from their mother, and treasure the time with her in action. Mothers are our life-giver, no matter if it’s a challenging life or not. It’s our responsibility to build our life up, not our mother’s responsibility for our destiny/fate.

All the tragedies I experienced just because simply I’m not strong enough. I’ll save my energy, growth stronger, and come back as someone who my loves will be proud of! Everyone is responsible for their own life with their choice, it might affect others’ life, and please remember that’s also the choice that leads us to where we are today. If we choose to have a life partner, we should expect that whatever action and choose that will also affect us since we choose to tie a knock with him/her. There are no such good or bad people on earth, it is just people who choose to have a good act or not. The human being can be fickle, and partners will add on so many unstable possible futures. I feel sorry for those who live in family situations with their partner, but after reading  <<A Woman with A Plan>>, I start thinking everything is possible when you have a plan for your own life. 


Don’t we hear “Why me?” all the time from a lot of people around us? I’ve read some magazine that was talking about how the brain and the human mind works when we are asking ourselves the question, it starts to wire and guide the way how our mindset going to work in our inception. “Why me?” usually is short of “I’ve done nothing wrong, why me?” We can simply believe that’s our fate in our life because the situation is outside of our control limit. However, it’s also part of our choice in the past that cause today’s outcome. Our destiny/fate is all based on our choice. When we change our thought progress, our destiny/fate will be redirected to another way. For example, I choose to do a lot of OT to earn money in the past which cause my mute system to become weak. Instead of feeling weak and ask “Why me?”. I choose to ask myself “How do I make my body healthy and strong again?”, then my brain and inception will motivate me to do research and read about health relative books and documents, and I will start gaining knowledge why I’m feeling so weak all the time, and able to find some nutritious food and simple work out that will help me build up my mute system, step by step to rebuild a healthy strong body. <<The road to Financial Freedom>>  mention that when we take more responsibility, we are closer to success. So we should take as much as responsibility when we are aiming to be successful in our life.  Just like the Chinese quote on the left that said: Change destiny/fate, does not depend on chance, but depends on thoughts. Another thing that I would like to mention is that when chance/luck comes to us in life, we will have a higher percentage to accept that chance when we are well prepared, which means that we should always keep studying and expanding our knowledge, gain wisdom, build a healthy body when we are waiting for chances. Even chances don’t come, with the wisdom we gain from the study, we will be able to create our own chance. So why stop studying when we can? If you are looking for some ideas to invest on yourself, I wrote a blog about self-investing. Please feel free to check it out 🙂

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