Awakening our inner wisdom

Wisdom is a comprehensive ability of advanced nerves (material basis) possessed by higher organisms, which includes various abilities such as scenes, knowledge, memory, understanding, thinking, emotion, logic, distinguishing, calculating, judging, culture, moderation, tolerance, decision, etc. Wisdom allows people to deeply understand people, things, events, society, the universe, the status of the present and future. Humans the intelligent live being, our bodies show us a great amount of inner wisdom that we can learn and study.

Inner Wisdom is my mentor Kristen’s business name. She mentions “Turn inward.  ALL of your answers are accessible there!” “Everyone is innately powerful! We are alive at a time where science and spirituality are verifying our potential to transform and heal literally anything which is landing us in the empowered position to live a life that is better than we could dream.”

Now, who’s ready for the inner wisdom awakening trip? If you are not ready, please go back to sleep or whatever you were doing ;P For those who are ready, let’s go!

Humans’ bodies progress food as eating, chewing, swallowing, digesting, observing nutrition, and pooing out the rest. I mentioned in my last blog Mindset guide us to where we want that your life will start to become better and better every day when you cut down 2 hours of social media or gaming time to read instead. Let’s say reading just like eating, chewing & swallowing just like the progress of sending the knowledge from what we read to our brain, thinking equal to digest, as we take notes of what we believe is useful knowledge to us such as observing nutrition, don’t forget to release the useless info so that it doesn’t take up our memory( our poo out progress). Let’s do a little fun test, from the most recent reading of 5 blogs/books, could you list out 1 important piece of knowledge of each reading that you’ve to learn and in what situation that you can use in your life? Congratulations if you are able to do it. Your life will climb up slowing especially when you believe in yourself! For those

who fail the test, no worry, you can start trying this method until you move up to the latter. Please remember, we are not porters, don’t read and do things without thinking. We need to absolve knowledge from reading, judging our situation, calculating risk, and thinking about the possible outcomes from this decision of applying this knowledge in life. Some YouTubers mentioned that <<Rich Dad Poor Dad>> guide many people into debts. I would like to ask those people, have you evaluated your situation before you apply those pieces of knowledge into your life? However, I believe the best way is to learn the lesson and move on.  <<The road to Financial Freedom>> mentioned, successful people take responsibility. Our choice in the past guides us to where we are today, and today’s choice will lead us to where we are in the future. Do we want to control our future, or just let our mistakes and the effect of our mistakes take control of our future? All our negative emotions will be gone when we take responsibility for the effect.

One of my friends told me that Don’t try to do things beyond our reach limit. People around us might try to put weight on us that most people labor them as toxic people. They might be family or friends, but please remove them from our life since our responsibility is nobody but ourselves! We can’t grab things that are beyond our hand reach limit, why accept responsibilities that are beyond our limit that will cause our mental health and stable life? People have the choice, they can choose to be lazy and put themselves on others’ shoulders, but we don’t have to accept that if it’s harming us.

In our current society, many of the elders will push us to get married and have children. This is caused by humans being are still trying to reproduce and breeding for our kinds. Our brains still wire in the standard ways, and not many have enough willpower to evolve. In today’s technology humankind will last for a while without mating, and unhealthy relationships will cause us mental health and trauma. Traumatization causes memory loss, mind protection due to overload life events impacts. Although our bodies’ inner wisdom will do their best to protect us from further damage, our life will still have large unpleasant impacts from our traumatize. There’s no need for us to bleed ourselves to breed an unhealthy future when we have not met our soulmates. There’s no need to rush to find a partner, it’s better to improve ourselves instead of wasting time finding someone to match. We should all be self-investing, and if someday we find our soulmate, we can say he/she’s not bad, but I’m a good match. Before you design to get into a relationship, we should also evaluate ourselves if we can handle what might come up in the future as well. Life is full of surprises and unstable, we need to get ready for our loved ones to go without any sign. No one’s life spend will be equal, can you take it when your loved one passed before you? Personally, I don’t have a strong heart that can handle that anymore. And I plan to stay alone for the rest of my life and enjoy my freedom.

Baby crawls, adult walks are the humans’ balance knowledge that builds in our bodies, We should use the balance in life too! Some people are all about works and forget their family, their health. I ask myself, was it worth it? No, it’s so easy to damage my health but hard to rebuild. I was abused my body when I was young, feeling super proud of seeing my OT paychecks without listening to my mom’s warning. Now I’ve learned in a hard way that I should never do that many OTs. As Warren Buffett said, we only have one body, we should take good care of it! As for family, have you ever turned around and seen all those white hairs on your parents’ heads? Have you ever counted how many years/times we can make our parents laugh and take them to enjoy life? Some of my friends experienced the loss of their parents then start regards. Would you regard once you are no longer able to be around them? I believe that balancing our life is important, and we should all plan our life with great balance. Over pushing ourselves could lead to depression, not pushing enough lazy will take over our life bit by bit. So when you are depressed, don’t be a shame to seek out professional support. Right therapy could guide us in the right direction and ease our depression. Choose your therapy wisely, because when the therapy you choose is not a good match, you will feel like all the dirty laundry has been dug out but you have no idea what to do. Everyone you know is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Please be kind, always!

Please feel free to comment below and give any suggestions. It’s my pleasure to communicate with you.

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